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  • Here you will find the schedule for the Commission’s semi-annual meetings, and special notices from the ACCJC.




    October 9, 2015 Special Meeting Public Session

    The Commission has called a Special Meeting to discuss the Report of the California Community College Chancellor’s Office 2015 Task Force on Accreditation and to hear from ACCJC member institutions regarding their perspectives on the ACCJC relative to the Task Force Report. The Commission will meet in public from 9:00 a.m. to approximately noon. The Commission will meet in closed session in the afternoon. The meeting will take place at:

    Embassy Suites Sacramento- Riverfront Promenade
    100 Capital Mall
    Sacramento, CA 95814
    Steamboat/Central Pacific Ballroom
    Announcement to the Field
    Comment Form
    Preliminary Response to Chancellor's Office Task Force Report

    January 6-8, 2016 (Sheraton Grand Hotel, Sacramento, California)

    January 2016 Preliminary Public Session Agenda

    The final agenda with any changes will be available at the commission meeting.




    2015 Call for Commissioner Applications

    ACCJC Bylaws describe the new Commissioner election process.  The election process is presented below:

    • There are 19 Commissioners, and they are elected for staggered, three-year terms.  Each sitting Commissioner may be elected to a second three-year term.
    • At its January meeting, the Commission will announce the identities of departing Commissioners, the names of Commissioners seeking a second term, and the types of Commissioner positions that are becoming vacant and to which individuals may be elected or sitting Commissioners may be elected to a second term.
    • Each February, the Commission will send a letter to the field announcing the Commissioner positions becoming vacant, accompanied by an invitation for applications and nominations for Commissioner positions that are becoming vacant. The announcement will be widely distributed and posted on the Commission’s website.
    • A Nominating Committee, selected by the Commission’s Executive Committee and comprised of four Commissioners and four persons representing member institutions, will review applications for Commissioner positions and create a slate of candidates for the vacant Commissioner positions.
    • The Presidents/Chancellor of each institution that is accredited by the ACCJC will be asked to review the slate and may nominate alternative candidates through the process described in the Bylaws.
    • Each May, the slate of candidates, with any additional alternative candidates, will be sent to the President/Chancellors of each institution accredited by the ACCJC. The President/Chancellor will vote for the slate candidate or the alternative candidate for each Commissioner position becoming vacant.
    • Each June, the results of the Election will be announced at the Commission’s meeting and thereafter made public on the Commission’s web site and in its summary of the June meeting contained in its newsletter.
    • New Commissioner terms begin on July 1 of each year.





    • Dr. John Morton (Chair)
    • Dr. Sherrill Amador
    • Mr. Peter Garcia
    • Dr. Marlon Hall
    • Dr. J. Laurel Jones
    • Mr. Marvin Martinez
    • Ms. Virginia May
    • Dr. Eleanor Siebert