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ACCJC Directory of Accredited Institutions

  • Here you will find a list of the institutions currently accredited by the ACCJC.

    The following information is provided for each college: the name of the chief executive officer; the college contact information; its status as a public or private institution; the name of the district or system to which it belongs; the date of initial accreditation, the most recent comprehensive review, and the next scheduled comprehensive evaluation; whether the college is on the semester or quarter plan; the degrees awarded; the current enrollment; and any programmatic or specialized accreditation held by the institution.

    At the end of the list of individual institutions are the names of all candidate institutions; a list of all college districts/systems including the current chancellor; and the district/system office contact information and a list of institutions no longer accredited by this Commission. 

    The Commission requires each accredited institution to make public its Reports to the Commission, the external evaluation reports, if any, and the Commission action letters, by placing the documents on the institution’s website as well as other locations accessible to students and the public.