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Eligibility Requirements & Standards

  • Here you will find links to the Eligibility Requirements and the Accreditation Standards.

    At its June 2014 meeting, in Public Session, the Accrediting Commission adopted revised Eligibility Requirements and Accreditation Standards. The adoption culminated the Review of Accreditation Standards and Practices that began in November, 2011, and resulted in identification of needed revisions to standards in June 2013.

    The new Standards will be the basis for comprehensive institutional evaluations for reaffirmation of accreditation beginning spring 2016. The new Standards will, for all other purposes, be effective upon adoption, and may be used by institutions wishing to develop a baccalaureate degree. An annotated version of the Standards will be developed, to link relevant regulations and Commission policies with standards. A glossary of terms will also be included with the annotated version.