Midterm Report

  • The Midterm Report is due in the third year following the evaluation team visit. The institution is expected to provide narrative information and analysis regarding the progress made on addressing:

    • All the recommendations of the evaluation team.
    • The areas identified in the planning agenda of its self study.
    • Updates on substantive change approvals or pending proposals.

    The report will be reviewed by the Commission at its next regularly scheduled meeting and the institution will be notified as to what action it must take next. The institution is required to send two copies of its report to the Commission plus an electronic version. The Midterm Report must be reviewed by the Governing Board prior to its submission. 

    Use the following format for the report:

    1. Cover Sheet Include the date of submission, the name and address of the institution, and a annotation that this is a Midterm Report.
    2. Table of Contents.
    3. Statement on Report Preparation The statement, signed by the Chief Executive Officer of the institution, describes the process of report preparation and identifies those who were involved in its preparation, review, and approval.
    4. Response to Team Recommendations and the Commission Action Letter. The report should describe the progress made on all recommendations, analyze the results achieved to date, provide evidence of the results, and indicate what additional plans the institution has developed.
    5. Response to Self-identified Issues In the Planning Agenda section of the self study, the institution reported on areas needing improvement. The institution should provide a brief description of the progress made on these self-identified issues.
    6. Update on Substantive Change in Progress, Pending, or Planned.
  • Two copies of the report plus an electronic version should be sent to the Commission office at 10 Commercial Boulevard, Suite 204, Novato, CA 94949.