Becoming a Visiting Team Evaluator

  • The Commission’s protocol for selection of an evaluation team includes the requirement that faculty and administrators with sufficient expertise serve as professional, peer evaluators. The team must cover all standards and federal regulations and be able to evaluate the institution in the context of its size and mission. Therefore, a basic team will generally include at least three faculty members, and at least one CEO, chief instructional officer, student services officer, researcher, business officer, and librarian or information specialist. Other positions may be added as needed to provide evaluator expertise in distance education, learning assessment, information technology, administrative service, human resources, governance, and the types of programs the institution offers, such as career and technical education, basic skills or pre-collegiate education, or baccalaureate education. Institutional CEOs will be given the opportunity to review the list of proposed team members and report any conflict of interest as per the ACCJC policy on conflict of interest.

    Evaluators are nominated by the presidents/chancellors of their colleges or districts/systems. Individuals may also self-nominate by sending a letter directly to the ACCJC office ( The letter should give the individual’s name, current position, areas of expertise, reasons why he/she wishes to serve on an evaluation team, and current contact information. Letters of self-nomination, must be accompanied by two letters of reference, at least one of which should be from a college administrator from the applicant’s institution.

    All evaluators are expected to be objective and unbiased; able to apply ACCJC Standards to the institution they are evaluating; work together as a team; be good writers and able to use technology for producing and editing the team report; analytic thinkers; and be able to commit to the time required before, during, and after the visit.