Workgroup 1 Update

  • In June 2016, the Chief Executive Officers of the California Community Colleges submitted a preliminary report to the ACCJC Commission, conveying the recommendations of what had been identified as Work Group 1. This report communicated a number of suggestions for refining the structure and functions of the agency with a view to improving its practices. In the following months, the Commission and staff prepared an itemized response to this report, identifying ways in which many of the recommendations had already been implemented or are being more fully incorporated. Other suggestions are being held for continuing consideration. This report was submitted to Work Group 1 in mid-August.

    On September 9, representatives from Work Group 1 met with Commissioners and staff in a four-hour session to discuss the issues addressed in the two reports. While some of the issues simply called for clarification of current Commission practice, others were complex matters that required candid conversations.

    Participants agreed that the meeting was both positive and productive and are scheduling a follow up meeting for October 11.