Presentation of Policies – January 2017 Open Session

Items for First Read

  1. Revision of the Policy on Good Practice in Relations with Member Institutions – this policy has been revised for clarity and new language has been added to address Commission actions on institutions where deficiencies have been identified. All references to the Policy on Review of Commission Actions have been deleted (see policy deletion under items for second read of this memo).
  2. Policy on Complaints Against the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges – a minor revision to this policy adds language to allow the President of the ACCJC to delegate responsibility for providing a response to a complaint.
  3. Policy on the Rights and Responsibilities of the Commission and Member Institutions Language to the section on third party comments has been revised to further clarify the difference between a third party comment and a complaint against an institution.

Items for Second Read

  1. Deletion of the Policy on Review of Commission Actions (View policy here.)
    This policy is being deleted in order to align to the appeal process for institutions whose candidacy or accredited status may be withdrawn by the ACCJC, which is stipulated in the Policy on Commission Actions on Institutions. 
    Discussion on the elimination of the Policy on Review of Commission Actions commenced during the June and March Commission meetings which directed staff to move forward with the policy change.  It is important that the Policy on Review of Commission Actions be eliminated at the same time that the appeal process of the Policy on Commission Actions on Institutions is being reviewed.
  2. Deletion of the Policy on Interregional Policies on the Accreditation of Institutions Operating Across Regions (View policy here.)
    Policy is being deleted as it no longer is relevant.